Leicester Fire & Rescue Service select Atomic A3s for their innovative road safety education experience

14 October 2021

Leicester Fire & Rescue Service today launched The Hazard Express, a forward thinking education experience designed to educate drivers and help reduce the numbers of those killed or seriously injured in road accidents.

The Hazard Express incorporates 6 Atomic A3s, along with 360 VR to allow participants to experience realistic traffic scenarios, to highlight the dangers of what is termed the fatal 4 – speeding, using a mobile device, not wearing a seatbelt, drink & drug driving.

Delta Kinetic & Blueflame Digital fitted the van, integrating a PC and comms system to allow one operator to launch any one of 6 new individual learning experiences, with scenarios which raise awareness of cyclists, pedestrians, motorbikes and horses.  The Atomic A3s were completed by Delta Kinetic with space saving footrests, VR headsets and bespoke seats to provide a slick looking mobile unit.

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Hazard Express Road Safety Experience