Atomic Motion Systems Signs Manufacturing License Agreement with Talon Simulations

15 May 2017

Atomic Motion Systems and Talon Simulations, the distributor of Atomic Motion Systems’ products in North America since October 2015, have entered into an agreement to begin the manufacturing of Atomic’s flagship A3 simulator in the US, to service the North and South American markets.

James Milne, MD of Atomic Motion Systems, said “this is a natural evolution of our partnership with Talon, who have been distributing the A3 in North America for 19 months. From an efficiency perspective, it makes sense to expand our manufacturing base, but we were only ready to do this once we found a partner like Talon, who have the expertise to replicate the manufacturing quality of the patented A3 simulator.”

A3 race/flight simulator
Atomic A3 Action Shot 5

Brandon Naids, CEO of Talon Simulations, said, “we became the official North American distributor of Atomic’s A3 simulator because of its durable and adaptable format, which allows us to offer low cost simulation experiences to the entertainment and training industries. Interest in motion simulation has grown rapidly with the emergence of virtual reality, and manufacturing the A3 here in the US will allow us to respond to this growing market with an impressive range of exciting VR experiences.”

The Atomic A3 Full Motion Simulator has been used across the world in various entertainment centers, training institutes, and inseveral custom branded experiences for companies such as Nissan, Toyota, and NASA.

About Atomic Motion Systems

Established in 2009, UK based Atomic Motion Systems design and manufacture durable ultra-compact full motion simulators for the entertainment and training industries. Proprietary SIMPHYNITY software interfaces the A3 simulator to PC games and VR technology to deliver 360-degree immersive experiences.

About Talon Simulations

Located in Orlando, FL, Talon Simulations, LLC is a small business specializing in hardware/software integration of virtual reality vehicle simulations. They have a passion to create the most immersive and exciting experiences at a price point that is more accessible to greater audiences. Talon is the official distributor and manufacturer in North and South America for UK Based Simulator Manufacturer and Atomic A3 Product Owner Atomic Motion Systems.

Contact Information:

Atomic Motion Systems

Tina Szucs, Business Manager

Unit 12, Vancouver Wharf

Southampton SO19 7BN, UK

+44 (0)870 3146413

Talon Simulations

Brandon Naids, CEO/Co-Founder

3923 Forrestal Ave

Orlando, FL 32806

(407) 440-1356