Atomic A3 Specifications

'Big Simulator' Ride Experience

Huge 27-degree per axis movement range combined with powerful 64nm of torque delivers a Big Simulator feel like no other compact system available on the market today.  Competitor systems built using off-the-shelf 'frame-to-floor' piston actuator kits simply cannot physically provide enough movement range to convincingly simulate the real-world G-forces produced when accerating, braking and cornering.  Our systems are designed from the ground up to provide a truely exhiliarating represention of what you see on screen without compromising on performance or precision.

  • Unprecedented range and power in an ultra-compact system
  • Small yet rugged, built to withstand constant use and abuse
  • Rock-solid clamping mechanisms, anti-trap safety mechanisms and optional 4-point harness enhance driver safety

High-Fidelity Motion Detail

Rapid acceleration response to direction changes, an ultra-low latency 100Hz update and speeds of up to 71 degrees per second ensure an extremely true-to-life reproduction of even the most detailed of forces such as:

  • Road surface / runway texture
  • Gear shifts
  • Flight turbulence
  • Engine stalls
  • Bullet impacts

Extensive Adjustability

Near-limitless tool-less adjustability to ensure the perfect driving position. 100% reversible layout for left or right hand drive setups. Wide range of possible adjustment accommodates drivers between 4'5" (1.35cm) > 6'7" (200cm).


  • Pedal / Foot Rest Reach & Tilt
  • Steering Wheel / Yoke Reach, Tilt & Height
  • Shifter / Switch Panel Reach & Height
  • Handbrake / Throttle Reach & Height
  • Seat Reclination


Ultra-compact Form Factor

Big on performance, small in size. The A-Series motion simulators are designed to be easy to transport and set-up without compromising on ride experience or durability. The system can be quickly collapsed for discrete storage in a corner or cupboard when not in use, or control mounts removed completely for transportation in a small car.

  • Less than 50kg overall system weight
  • Tiny footprint permits use in tight spaces
  • Collapsible in seconds with removable mounts for easy stowage and transportation
  • Integrated casters assist relocation

Unrivalled Game Suport

The Bundled SIMPHYNITY software provides compatibility with a huge, and rapidly expanding list of games, by extracting 1:1 physics data which is fed directly to the motion system to reproduce real-world forces accurately. Motion profiles are configurable on a per-game, per-user basis to allow settings to be fine-tuned to your preference, be that an aggressive, adrenaline-pumping rally-like experience or more organic/fluid flight-type sensation. The supplied developer SDK allows customers to integrate motion into their own games or projects.

Existing support is provided for over 100:

  • Driving Games
  • Flying Games
  • Arcade Games
  • Thrill Ride Simulators



Exceptionally Low Running Costs

The cost of running a motion system is a critical factor to consider to minimise electricity bills and, for commercial outfits, maximise profits.  The Atomic A3 delivers unprecedented performance with a typical power consumption of less than 150w.  That's barely half that of most modern LED TV's, and a fraction of the requirement of even the next closest competitor system - all of this without compromising on power or performance.  AMS have achieved this incredible efficiency by re-engineering from the ground up to include our patented ForceAssist load-compensation technology which provides up to 10X the force and acceleration of other systems with comparable actuator power.