Atomic A3 Manual – Software

  • The Atomic can be controlled using either a PC (via SIMPHYINTY software or similar), or DMX capable controller (refer to Appendix B - DMX Network Setup).
  • Instructions for downloading SIMPHYNITY will be provided separately by AMS, along with your license information.
  • When downloaded, run the executable Windows Installer file which will guide you through the setup process. Enter your license information (required for installation and operation) and follow the on-screen instructions. Restart your PC following installation to ensure drivers are correctly registered on your system.
  • Ensure the motion base is connected to your PC via USB, as SIMPHYNITY will not run if there are no AMS devices detected.
  • When your PC boots, SIMPHYNITY will start automatically. If you have disabled this feature (refer to the SIMPHYNITY instruction manual for details) you will need to start it manually via the program shortcut in your Start menu.
  • Assuming SIMPHYNITY is running, its icon will appear in the system tray – click on this to open the SIMPHYNITY application window.
  • SIMPHYNITY’s online help system (accessible via the ‘Help’ menu) will guide you through the remainder of the setup process, namely creating a user profile and assigning a channel to your device to allow SIMPHYNTIY to correctly identify it. It is strongly recommended you read this help file in full in order to get the most from your system!