Atomic A3 Manual – Disclaimer

The A3 motion simulator (the system) is capable of moving the user very rapidly and sharply and is therefore potentially dangerous for use by those with conditions including but not limited to spinal / neck injuries / weaknesses, epilepsy, motion sickness, vibration injuries / susceptibility and any other condition which makes the user adversely affected by sudden movements & vibration. If someone is in any doubt over their fitness to safely use the system then they should not do so. If undecided, seeking medical advice may help someone to decide upon their fitness to use the system.

The use of the system by children is entirely at the discretion of a responsible adult and we recommend that one be present at all times if children are using the system.

The system is also capable of causing injury / damage to adults, children, animals and objects located too close to the system while in use. It is therefore imperative that a clear area is kept around the system while in use. Special care should be taken to ensure that children and animals are not able to enter this area.

In any event, all users of the system, and those who approve use of the system by children, do so at their own risk. All those in close proximity to the system whilst in use, including the user, bear responsibility for ensuring that they, children, animals and possessions are not placed in danger by being too close to the system whilst in use.

The system is heavy (over 50Kg) and no attempt should be made by one person to lift the unit alone. When attempting to move the unit, or parts thereof, safe lifting practices should be employed. Anyone attempting to move, or assist in moving, the system or parts thereof do so at their own risk. Any involvement by children in such movement is at the risk of a responsible adult.

Neither Next Step Solutions Ltd nor their partners / affiliates shall accept any responsibility for injuries or damage to any person, animal or object, howsoever caused, in interaction with the system.