Atomic A3 Manual – Troubleshooting


Possible Cause(s)

Possible Solution(s)

No motion, one or more actuators move freely

  • Power disconnected.
  • Actuator overload safety mechanism defeated.
  • Check power is connected and AC power light is illuminated.
  • If power is connected, disconnect power and USB, then reconnect.
  • Press the black ON button (marked ‘1’).

No motion, actuators locked in place

  • Safety interlock activated (LED on switch panel and ‘Atomic’ logo will be illuminated red).
  • Incorrect software settings.
  • Incorrect DMX channel setting.
  • Disengage the safety interlock by pressing the black ON button (marked ‘1’).
  • If the red LED / ‘Atomic’ logo remains illuminated, check the base plastic cover is free from obstruction and not pressing down on any of the 4 safety switches.
  • Ensure USB cable is correctly connected and system is present in Windows Device Manager (refer to Windows manual).
  • Check software settings to ensure system is enabled and force or pitch/roll movement range settings are not 0 (refer to software user manual).
  • Check game has been recognised in software and motion preview is showing movement.
  • Check DMX channel is set correctly and corresponds with that in software (refer to software user manual).

Poor motion output

  • Incorrect software settings
  • Incorrect COG configuration
  • Increase pitch / roll movement range and / or force setting in software (refer to software user manual).
  • Correctly configure the COG.

No or poor Tactile Transducer feedback (TTi units only)

  • Audio cables not correctly connected.
  • PC sound output low or muted.
  • Ensure audio cables are properly connected, PC sound output is set to full and audio cable is connected to correct port on soundcard.
  • Check TT Gain software settings (refer to software user manual).