Atomic A3 Manual – DFU

From time to time it may be necessary to update the firmware of your Atomic system as AMS introduce additional functionality. This is done via the AMS DFU (Device Firmware Updater), which is a software utility available freely from AMS for your Windows-compatible PC.

To update your device’s firmware:-

1.  Ensure the AMS DFU is correctly installed on your PC (this also installs the required drivers to update your firmware).

2.  Put the Atomic in ‘DFU’ mode:- Using a pair of pointed implements (e.g. Ballpoint pen), press and hold the ‘F’ (function) button on the Atomic’s I/O panel.

3.  Keeping the ‘F’ (function) button held down, press and release the ‘R’ (reset) button on the Atomic’s I/O panel.

4.  Finally, release the ‘F’ (function) button. The device is now in DFU mode.

5.  Follow the on-screen instructions provided with the AMS DFU to perform the firmware update, and once complete disconnect and reconnect both the power and USB leads to the Atomic.