Atomic A3 Manual – Operation


  • Once power is connected to the unit, ensure the AC power switch is on ((1) Mains switch). The AC switch will illuminate.
  • Ensuring the motion base is clear of any hazards, press the small black button depicted in the switch panel picture below (Safety Interlock System). The ‘Atomic’ logo should light up blue and the unit home to its centre-position, ready for operation. If this does not happen, please read the Safety Interlock System instructions below. You can also refer to Appendix C - Troubleshooting.


 Safety Interlock System

  • The unit has a number of safety features, including a trap detection mechanism and emergency stop button. The trap detection mechanism consists of 4 switches, one at each corner of the base (where the housing is attached) – in the event a trapped foreign body is detected while motion is active, this will push the housing down and activate one or more of these switches, stopping the motion and locking the actuators in their place to prevent further movement. The emergency stop button is the big red button shown below, and when pressed will also stop the actuators preventing further movement.



  • When either the trap detection mechanism or emergency stop button is activated, the system will go into ‘safety interlock’, and this condition will be highlighted by the red LED next to the emergency stop button (the ‘Atomic’ logo will also turn red). NOTE: pressing the emergency stop button quickly will lock the actuators in their place, pressing and holding for longer than 4 seconds will disconnect power to the actuators (and amplifier in a TTi-equipped unit) completely to allow safe removal of any trapped object.
  • To exit the safety interlock mode and resume normal operation, press the black ON button shown on the right.

Indicator LEDs

  • When USB power (but not mains power) is connected, the power LED on the rear IO panel will be illuminated RED. When mains power (but not USB power) is connected, the power LED on the rear IO panel will be illuminated GREEN. When both power sources are connected (required for use), the power LED will be illuminated YELLOW and the unit is ON.
  • While in the ON state, pressing the black button will place the unit into the IDLING (awaiting data) state - it will home to its centre-position and the status LED on the rear IO panel will blink slowly. The Atomic logo will be lit up blue.
  • When the unit is ACTIVE (receiving motion data), the status LED will blink rapidly.
  • When the unit is in SAFETY INTERLOCK MODE, the red LED next to the emergency stop button will be illuminated, and the ‘Atomic’ logo lit up red.