Atomic A3 Manual – DMX Setup

If you have a multiple units or devices you wish to link together to operate in unison, this is achieved via the DMX networking capability. Devices can be controlled using either your PC or a DMX compatible control desk (see the DMX Channel Assignments section).

Additional cables required (unsupplied):-

    •   1 or more standard RJ-45 PC network cables.
    •   (Optional, control desk only) 1 x 3 or 5 pin XLR (depending on DMX control desk) > RJ-45 DMX cable.

PC Controlled

  • Connect the first motion system in the chain to your PC using the supplied USB cable as described previously.
  • Connect one end of the RJ-45 cable to the DMX Out port ((7) DMX ports) on the first motion system in the chain to the DMX In port on the second motion system.
  • For each subsequent system you wish to control simultaneously, connect another RJ-45 cable from the DMX Out port of the previous unit to the DMX In port of the next.

DMX Desk Controlled

  • Connect the DMX In port ((7) DMX ports) of the first motion system in the chain to your DMX control desk using the XLR > RJ-45 DMX cable.
  • Chain subsequent units together by following the second and third steps outlined in the ‘PC Controlled’ section above.

Dip Switch Settings

  • The DMX512 address of the unit is set using switches 1-9 on the ADDR/TERM switch panel ((4) DMX address). As with most DMX-compatible equipment, the addresses are set using a binary system, by summating the values of all enabled (on) switches (1-9) to give the address. e.g. switch 1 enabled (on) and 2-9 disabled (off) = Channel 1, switches 2 and 4 enabled (and all others disabled) = Channel 10, and so on. Units set with the same address in the chain will operate in unison.
  • IMPORTANT: Switch 10 should only be enabled (on) in the LAST unit in the DMX chain - this enables the termination resistor, and if left disabled (off) unexpected results may occur. If it is enabled on a unit prior to the last in the chain, the subsequent units may not function correctly.
  • If you are unsure about DMX channel setup or will only be using a single motion system via PC control, just set the unit to channel 1 by enabling switch 1 (on) and disabling all others (off).