Atomic A3 Manual – COG Setup

In order to maximise the performance of your system, it is important the COG is configured correctly based on the controllers you wish to use (some pedal sets are significantly heavier than others for example). Prior to configuring the COG, ensure you have fully assembled the unit, attached your controllers and adjusted everything for comfort by following the previous instructions in this manual. NOTE: Significantly incorrect COG settings can be detrimental to performance and reduce actuator life!

  1. Ensure the power is ON (see the Operation section) and the actuators homed to their centre positions. With your back against the back of the seat (in normal seated position), press and hold the red emergency stop button for 4 seconds until power is disconnected from the actuators. If the upper motion platform does not fall to the front or rear (side to side movement is ok), the COG is balanced –proceed to step 4. If the COG is not balanced, proceed to step 2.
  1. If the motion platform falls to either the front or the rear, loosen the reach adjustment levers of the steering wheel and pedal mounts. Slide the seat forwards or backwards along its mounting rails (in the opposite direction to which the platform was falling), moving the wheel and pedal mounts by the same amount as the seat to maintain the driving position.
  1. Re-power the actuators by pressing the black button (see the Operation section), and once homed repeat the above process from step 1 until the correct balance is achieved.
  1. When satisfied the COG is configured correctly, fully tighten the seat mounting nuts shown in the picture above, along with the wheel and pedal mount reach adjustment levers.


Note: In situations where many users will be riding (e.g. commercial settings), it is recommended the COG is configured for an average height user within the group to obtain the best results.