Atomic A3 Manual – Foot Rest


  • Attach the pedal mount plate to its mounting post using the supplied thumb screws as shown on the right (two on each side). To adjust the angle of the mount see ‘Tilt Adjustment’ below.



  • Insert the pedal mount into the base at the points shown in the picture on the right. Ensure the bars pass through both of the clamps indicated, and secure as shown below (Reach Adjustment).
  • Attach your pedal set to the foot-rest via the mounting holes provided. These are compatible with the following controllers (but may be usable for others):-
    • Logitech G27/G27 pedal set
    • Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals (PZ35)

NB. If your pedal set is incompatible with the foot rest mounting holes, straps can be used instead - however, AMS strongly recommend additional holes are drilled to provide additional stability where possible.


Reach Adjustment

Loosen the adjustment knob shown on the left by turning anti-clockwise. Slide the foot rest towards or away from the seat as required (ensuring that it is always seated within the clamps shown above) and secure in place by tightening the adjustment knob (clockwise).


Tilt Adjustment

Remove the thumb screws shown in the picture on the right (and located on the left and right of the foot rest / pedal mount), adjust tilt to desired position and replace thumb screws.