Atomic A3 Manual – Motion Base


Seat Installation

  • Remove the Atomic A3 base unit from its packaging and situate it on a level, stable operating surface for intended use. WARNING: Never lift the base unit by the plastic housing, or damage may result to the mounts (the housing is ‘floating’ for safety reasons). Always lift from the front and rear of the metal top-table.


  • Locate the four mounting posts highlighted in the picture above (1). Each one has a nut attached with two washers which must be located above and below the seat mount respectively.
  • (2) shows how each mounting post appears then the system is first unpacked, Remove the nut and top washer from all four mounting posts, leaving the lower washer in-place on each (3). OPTIONAL: The posts can be shifted laterally to support varying seat-widths if you are fitting your own seat. To do this, the mounting post can be loosened by inserting an allen key into the top of each post and turning anti-clockwise. Slide the posts to the position you require and re-tighten the posts by turning the allen key clockwise.
  • Line up each of the seat rail slots with the mounting posts ensuring each rail is correctly seated on the bottom washer (4).
  • Place the top washer onto each mounting post and screw down each of the four nuts on top of it (5). Do not fully tighten the nuts yet – tighten just enough so the seat can still slide forward and backwards along the rails. This is because the Centre of Gravity (COG) with need configuring once the system is fully assembled.


Tactile Transducers

  • (Optional: TTi-equipped systems only) – Connect the tactile transducers (attached to the bottom of the seat) to the motion base using the connectors shown on the right, ensuring red is connected to red and black to black on each side.


Support Legs

  • Site the motion base on a level surface, and extend the support legs highlighted in the picture on the left. Ensure the plastic feet are making contact with the ground.
  • For further stability, holes are provided on the bottom of the base unit to allow it to be secured to a platform if desired. Note: this requires the removal of support legs and castors, please contact AMS for further information and advice.