Atomic A3 Manual – Unpacking

Congratulations on your purchase of the Atomic A3 Motion Simulator from AMS!

This guide will talk you through setting the system up for first use, safety precautions and recommendations for maximising the life of your system. For software instructions please refer to the software user guides available via their respective help-systems.

IMPORTANT: Please read this manual in full before attempting to assemble or use the Atomic A3. Failure to do so may result in damage, poor performance, reduced system life or injury.


Unpacking - Checklist


HOTAS Fighter System


Racing / Flight System


Tools Required

  • 17mm spanner / adjustable spanner
  • Small flat-head screw driver, 3.5mm wide tip ideal, < 4mm (TTi units only)

Additional Recommended Tools

  • 13mm spanner
  • 6mm allen key
  • 5mm allen key
  • Cable Ties or Velcro Straps (for securing controller cables)

System Components

Most system components are factory pre-assembled. Depending on configuration these consist of:

  •   Atomic A3 Base Unit
  •   Seat & Seat Fasteners
  •   Foot Rest / Pedal Mount (supplied in 2 parts)
  •   Steering Wheel / Flight Yoke Mount (Racing / Flight System Only  - supplied in 2 parts)
  •   Shifter / Throttle / Switch Panel Mount (Racing / Flight System Only) & Fasteners
  •   Flight Stick / Throttle Side Mount X 2 (HOTAS System Only)
  •   USB Cable
  •   IEC Power Cable