If I had one of these, I wouldn’t leave the house for days!

RobbieStuttgart, Germany

This has, and still is, giving me the most fun I have ever had – standing upright. Brilliant and fantastic…..love it!

Terry GustersonAustralia

My God that’s exhausting, but it’s the business, Sensational!!

Aleksandar MatjevikNerdz on Fire

Very nice experience to drive with this seat.  It’s a must have for everyone who likes gaming

Christopher LuegGermany

Oh my god that was insane, no way!

Pietre MullerKoln, Germany

Wow, the ride was so realistic.  I felt every bump in that rally track.  Amazing!!

David CinconzeKoln, Germany

The first time I’ve ever felt such a realistic representation of being in a car, it makes the under/over steering moment…

Daniel C KaiserGermany

I’ve tried the others – the Atomic wins hands-down.  For the price it is by far the best.

Peter HeinzeDortmund

Awesome.  I had to concentrate hard to stay on the circuit.  Way more fun than my boring steering wheel!

Phillip MaruhReinschein, Germany