Atomic Motion Systems design and manufacture ultra-compact, high performance full motion simulators for home and commercial use. Formed of a team with over 30 years of combined electronic, software and mechanical engineering experience, we strive to deliver ground-breaking motion simulation solutions like no other available on the market today.



James Milne

Managing Director  / Co-founder

James spent the early stages of his career designing and developing high-power electro-mechanical instruments in the oil industry before turning his attention to product design and development. 

Roles and Responsibilities: PCB / Mechanical Design and Development, Production Management, Company Administration.



Chris Jarram

Director  / Founder

Chris spent over a decade working professionally at the forefront of the electronic entertainment industry, experimenting with hobbyist simulator building and software physics extraction in his spare time.  It was during this that he identified the feasibility and market need for a compact, self-contained and high performance motion base with a large movement range suitable for gaming, training and VR applications.  In 2008 Chris embarked on design and prototyping, before James teamed with him in 2009 to launch Atomic Motion Systems.

Roles and Responsibilities: Software/Firmware Design & Development, Product Aesthetics & Visualisation, 2D / 3D Promotional Material & Website Design, Video Production, High Level Electronics.