A Seamless Link to the World of Simulation

Atomic Motion Systems' groundbreaking proprietary software, SIMPHYNITY, opens the floodgates to our motion simulators to be fully compatible with a huge, and rapidly expanding list of games, and enables you to customise your gaming experience with an extremely intuitive and easy to use interface. Our state-of-the-art internal tools and techniques allow us to extract accurate 1:1 physics data from almost any title available, resulting in support for many more titles than any other simulator driver software available on the market today.

Using SIMPHYNITY could not be more foolproof. Simply install your games, install our software, and SIMPHYINTY will automatically detect your game running when launched and load any motion profiles you have configured for it - all that's left is to strap yourself in and drive!  SIMPHYNITY is bundled as standard with every AMS motion simulator, enabling you to unpack the system and instantly access supported titles.

Our ethos is to continually support major new titles upon release so you can always be sure your system is compatible with the latest games available.  Developers can also now add motion to their own titles and projects via the included SIMPHYNITY SDK!

Unrivalled games support

SIMPHYNITY currently supports more titles than any other simulator software available on the market today, and the list is growing.  Currently support is provided for over 100 games, including:

  • Track Racing
  • Rallying
  • Off-Roading
  • Flying
  • Water sports
  • Arcade
  • Thrill Rides



Intuitive and configurable user interface

Allows you to set ride preferences and device settings per user and per game for the perfect ride experience.  No user intervention is required - SIMPHYNITY detects the current game, auto-loads your settings and you're ready to ride!

  • Motion strength / acceleration - Higher values give very aggressive feedback suitable for track racing and rally games, lower values more organic movements akin to flight or sailing
  • Movement distance - Scales motion to user preference
  • Motion output curve (per axis, linear / logarithmic) - Linear motion reproduces G-forces on a 1:1 basis, logarithmic option amplifies finer details such as road surfaces and tones down more pronounced movements (e.g crashes)
  • Seat centre position
  • Sound Vibration Feedback - When paired with our RideNetTM enabled Tactile Transducer system
  • V-Force effect - In the case of 2-dof (pitch & roll) motion bases, heave (up-down) motion can still be extracted from the game

'In Game' Remote Control

SIMPHYNITY Remote allows you to change the same settings for AMS devices that you'd be able to using SIMPHYNITY's own UI on-the-fly, without having to exit out of your game.  Simply hit the pre-configured shortcut key to bring up the settings panel in your game, and tweak the settings to achieve your perfect ride.  SIMPHYNITY Remote is supported in most DirectX and OpenGL games.



Superior Ride Performance

Miniscule system requirements enable SIMPHYNITY to sample motion information for your games at rates of up to 100Hz without chewing up resources, ensuring your games and applications to continue running with no noticeable performance impact.  SIMPHYNITY's ultra-low latency engine guarantees motion data will reach your devices as quickly as possible to completely eliminate lag and provide an amazingly lifelike representation of what you see on screen!

'Plug & Play' USB Connectivity

Using SIMPHYNITY could not be easier, simply connect your AMS device, start your game and SIMPHYNITY will automatically recognise both and connect them together.  USB 2.0/3.0 plug-and-play compatibility ensures you are up and riding in no time!  Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.



VR Headset / HMD Support

For the first time ever a high-movement range motion simulator can be used in conjunction with VR headsets without interfering with head-tracking.  SIMPHYINTY's unique VR mode enables a VR headset to be paired with any of AMS's motion simulators via a simple setup procedure,  and it's low-latency engine negates any movements of the motion base during play from those being read from the headset to ensure you see the world the way it is supposed to be.  Get ready for the ultimate in immersive entertainment experiences!  Support is currently provided for Oculus Rift, selected titles only.

Development SDK and Integration Tools

Add motion support to your own games and projects with SIMPHYNITY's Developer SDK and Integration Tools!  Unleash the immersive potential of your projects with exhiliarting motion support in minutes with the included Unity, Unreal Development Kit (UDK), and CryEngine plugins, or use the supplied VC++ Win32 DLL Game Plugin template with your own native game engine.






X-Sim & SimTools Compatible

SIMPHYNITY is fully compatible with X-Sim 2.0/3.0 using the supplied plugin.  Simply drop the bundled Windows DLL into X-Sim's plugins directory and SIMPHYNITY is presented as an output device.  Motion settings can then be fine-tuned via SIMPHYNITY's own user interface, or X-Sim if preferred.  The end result is that anything that works with X-Sim will also work with all your AMS devices!

Likewise, SIMPHYNITY is also compatible with SimTools using the supplied settings files.  Drop the files into SimTools' installation directory and SIMPHYNITY is presented as an output device - all games present and future supported by SimTools will now work with your AMS devices.